Quartz Crystal Resonators     

Quartz crystal resonators are widely used in communication, timing, measurement, and other industries as one of the most important traditional piezoelectric devices.  My research is concentrated on the accurate analysis of quartz crystal resonators with Mindlin and Lee plate theories.  We can provide accurate and reliable predictions of frequency and effect of the electrodes, making it possible to study the frequency stability under thermal fields and estimate the quality factor in the product development process.  Our current research work is focused on the electrical parameter estimation of quartz crystal resonators.

Our research results are closely related to industrial applications through joint programs and sponsored projects.


Surface Acoustic Wave Resonators

Surface acoustic wave (SAW) resonators differ from quartz crystal resonators mainly because the acoustic wave modes are the surface waves exist in the vicinity of substrate surface.  SAW resonators are widely used in communications and areas the higher frequency is required.

We are using the two-dimensional theory for the surface acoustic waves in finite solids for our innovative analytical approaches to the product design technology.


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