Symposium on the Multifield and Multiphysics Analysis of Acoustic Waves in Electronic Devices (SYSO06)

With accelerated shrinkage of sizes and increased material complexity, acoustic wave devices such as resonators present more challenges in design and analysis as the required procedures in the development of future products for major applications like frequency control and detection in a fully networked and smart world. It is the remarkable trend that to be followed by designing and fabricating such devices for filters and sensor applications with layered piezoelectric films which can no longer be analyzed with the traditional material and structural models. In the meantime, even the determination of material properties needed in the analysis and design is a challenge itself. To cope with the challenge and provide technical support to the future development of devices and applications, there are research works on many urgent issues such as the consideration of surface and size effects, determination of material properties of thin films, and multiphysics and multifield formulation of structural vibrations. Such approaches have been presenting much needed parameters, equations, and factors for the improvement of the analytical procedure and results. By gathering all experts concerning the design, fabrication, and application of such miniature acoustic wave devices in one forum, a thorough examination of current challenges, achievements, and shortfalls can pave further roads leading to successful models and procedures in product development and manufacturing. The typical fields present in the development and function of layered acoustic wave devices such as the electrical, mechanical, thermal, acoustic, and others can be reviewed in relation to the smaller size and the increasingly important electric field. Leading researchers in materials, modeling, and measurements will be invited to participate this symposium from major institutions worldwide with emphasis on newer generations of researchers working on novel structures and materials aimed at future applications of communication and networking systems of high frequency and sensitivity.

Symposium: May 15-18, 2020

Location: Ningbo, China


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This event is held under the auspices of IUTAM, The International Union on Technical and Applied Mechanics: http://iutam.org/